In a recent article for the Forbes Business Council, Total Solutions President Melissa Pepper highlighted a trend in understaffing as businesses rebound and jobs return.

According to Melissa, many small businesses are experiencing lower than normal job applications. They’re just not coming in like they once were.

“The vacant roles don’t congregate in one industry, experience level, or geographic location. They aren’t similar in level of education needed or salary offered. But they share one commonality: they haven’t been filled yet.”

– Melissa Pepper, Total Solutions President

What can companies do to recruit the talent they need in such a competitive job market?

Melissa offers some tips for differentiating yourself from other employers and getting better hiring results:

  1. Craft more than a duties list: focus the job description on how the individual’s skills will be used to help solve problems that your organization faces.
  2. Visit a different watering hole: think outside the box and look for different places to share that you’re hiring (i.e., sites that market specifically to underrepresented populations).
  3. Be inclusive: examine your interview process to ensure that it’s inclusive and flexible for all potential applicants, such as hours of availability, standard questions for all applicants, and removal of education requirements.

Making these efforts will help showcase your inclusivity and openness to all applicants, therefore increasing the likelihood of finding the hire you need.

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