When running a small business, owners and managers tend to wear just a few too many hats.

As the Owner/President/CEO/General Manager, your greatest priorities are centered around continued business growth and development.

A workload like that means that optimizing processes for accounting, payroll, HR, and marketing has to take a backseat at times.

As business owners expand and encounter the challenges of “too much to do with too little time,” the next logical step seems to be to hire more help.

The Case for Talent Sharing vs. Hiring

After deciding to bring more help into the business the question becomes, “What kind of help?” 

Is it more cost-effective to hire someone for back-office needs or outsource those business tasks to another company altogether?

While we think every business should put careful thought into hiring decisions, we also understand that sometimes an organization needs immediate help from an expert. 

And this is why we’re here to make the case for talent sharing, which provides instant value to small businesses and their customers alike.

We can actually tell you the cost difference if you’re curious.

Add up your workers’ compensation premium, payroll fees, and benefits costs, and our team will prepare a comparison with our rates to show you the savings.

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Here’s the thing: the adage that “time is money” is more accurate and relevant than ever. 

Spending your time managing those business tasks that simply have to get done is costing you valuable time that could otherwise be put toward creating more value for your company. 

Even the process of finding help involves lengthy interviews and training, and then additional payroll and benefits to manage, further straining your time and resources.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find someone to help you who

A) has the exact skills that you need and requires very little training,

B) can make an immediate impact and hit the ground running on day one, and

C) isn’t a strain on your budget.

That sounds like a magic formula for Employee of the Year, but there’s really no magic here – that’s what a talent-sharing company like Total Solutions can provide for your business. 

Let’s look at how we’ve seen this work in the real world for our customers.

How Talent Sharing Helped a Veterinarian Get Back to Business

Sue Hartman, DVM, started her veterinary practice, Klein Animal Health, to continue doing what she was passionate about, caring for animals. 

While her practice continued to grow, her IT infrastructure was left collecting dust and became quickly outdated. 

Dr. Hartman could have hired an IT manager, but she didn’t have the time for interviews and the hiring process. She just needed to have reliable, accessible IT services so that she could serve her clients better. 

Outsourcing her IT needs to Total Solutions freed up her time to do what she actually needed to do: care for her patients. 

“Total Solutions completed a total overhaul of our IT system for Klein Animal Clinic,” said Dr. Hartman. “The updated integration of technical software with lab functions enables a much more efficient and cost-effective business model.”

By getting Total Solutions on board at her clinic, Dr. Hartman realized immediate value from having the issues handled efficiently while also having a team available whenever she needed them (and not when she didn’t).

“Total Solutions has been there every step of the way,” Dr. Hartman added. “When occasional glitches arise, the IT department very quickly responds and relieves my stress so I can continue to provide excellent animal care.”

Klein Animal Clinic provides a perfect example of how talent sharing works for small businesses: create value by leveraging outside talent to fill the gaps in your staff’s skill set without breaking your budget.

Once Dr. Hartman got her IT services managed, she was able to focus on the next area where she needed some outside help: social media marketing

“Total Solutions helped me with rebranding the clinic and has taken social media maintenance off my hands,” Dr. Hartman explained. “They also keep the clinic relevant by providing regular blog content. They’ve freed up my time for continued business development.”

Free Up Your Time

The biggest benefit that talent sharing services provide to small business owners is more free time, so they can focus on the work they were meant to do.

And that’s exactly why Total Solutions was created: to help you be efficient with your resources and focus on your business, not the administrative pieces that slow you down. 

We’re all about talent sharing at Total Solutions, and we have the professional team you need to optimize your processes and maximize your effectiveness in HR, accounting, payroll, IT, marketing, and PEO

We aren’t a staffing or “temp” agency. We’re a team of experts assembled to fulfill your business needs however you want, wherever you want. 

We also just make your life easier. ​