Small business owners know the accounting struggle all too well.

On top of managing transactions and preparing financial statements, there are a million other things to take care of.

And while they face the same accounting challenges as much larger businesses, they don’t have as many resources to ensure their financial records are flawless.

“Because accounting requires such specialized knowledge, it can feel overwhelming for small business owners to try and manage it on their own.”

Some of the accounting issues that small businesses face include:

  • Lack of accounting know-how
  • Budget constraints and expense management
  • Accounting software implementation
  • Limited cash flow
  • Accounting method evaluation
  • Payroll management
  • Banking accounts
  • Tax returns and audits

Because accounting requires such specialized knowledge, it can feel overwhelming for small business owners to try and manage it on their own.

You Don’t Need to Do it All

One of the most effective ways to ensure your business grows successfully is by outsourcing some of those daily tasks and responsibilities that you don’t specialize in.

At Total Solutions, we have a team of experts in accounting, as well as payroll, PEO, IT, human resources, and marketing.

Let our bookkeepers and accountants help you manage the financial side of your business.

When we worked with a small manufacturing client, we helped him assess and demo accounting software and implement new accounting processes to use it efficiently. We took this task off of his plate and are now his in-house bookkeepers as well.

We perform all aspects of the day-to-day work of accounting, whether that’s all of it or a portion of it. We’ll also step in as an interim accounting team in the event that you need us.

This includes monthly close, generating balance sheets and income statements, completing break-even analyses, helping with budgeting, and forecasting cash flow in the near and far term.

We also collaborate with your other financial partners, including annual audit teams, corporate tax preparers, and bankers and lenders.

Our accounting services include:

  • Accounting Software Selection
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Bookkeeping Projects
  • Accounting Services

Accountants and bookkeepers who are real keepers.

Learn more about Total Solutions accounting services.


Let us take one more thing off your plate. Outsource your bookkeeping and invest your time growing your business.

Small businesses grow 7-9% faster when using a Payroll Employment Organization (PEO). Find out a better way to address your payroll, benefits, and HR needs. Learn more.

A shared solution to bundle your payroll, workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits, all for less than you spend today.

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