At Total Solutions, we are committed to helping small businesses flourish by providing them access to comprehensive employee benefits through our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). A stellar example of our commitment is our collaboration with Wastyn & Associates, a business consulting firm known for its efficient operations and commitment to nonprofit organizations.

The Need for Better Benefits at Wastyn & Associates

Wastyn & Associates, renowned for delivering tailored consulting services to nonprofits, faced a significant challenge as the firm expanded: providing a competitive healthcare plan for a small team was increasingly difficult. This obstacle was a threat to retaining and attracting the high-level talent crucial to their success. The firm’s struggle underscores the need for an effective PEO solution that could bridge the gap in benefits accessibility for small teams.

The Total Solutions PEO Solution

By integrating with Total Solutions’ PEO, Wastyn & Associates gained access to healthcare options that typically only larger corporations can afford. This crucial partnership allowed the firm to offer desirable benefits without surpassing its budget, maintaining its competitive edge and boosting employee satisfaction.

The Impact of the PEO on Wastyn & Associates

The partnership with Total Solutions’ PEO has transformed Wastyn & Associates by not only enhancing its benefits offerings but also by streamlining its operations significantly. The firm now focuses more on its core mission—supporting nonprofits—while Total Solutions manages the complex tasks of benefits administration, payroll processing, and compliance. This operational shift has allowed Wastyn & Associates to pursue growth without the burden of administrative tasks.

Why Total Solutions PEO?

Our PEO model is intricately designed to support small businesses in managing HR responsibilities with high efficiency. We offer an extensive range of services, including payroll, HR, comprehensive benefits, and regulatory compliance. This full spectrum of services ensures that small businesses can concentrate on their strategic objectives while we expertly handle the intricacies of employee management and benefits.

Learn More About PEO Benefits

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This case study exemplifies how Total Solutions’ PEO services can revolutionize the HR landscape for small businesses, enabling them to scale effectively and succeed in competitive markets. By leveraging our PEO, small businesses can access a level of support and resources that typically only larger companies enjoy, fostering growth and stability.