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Hi! My name is Lisa Sears; I am the Accounts Payable Specialist at Total Solutions and the first guest blogger. I have never blogged before and thought that instead of writing a long-winded post, I would share a workweek cocktail recipe with you instead. Enjoy!!

Lisa’s workweek whirlwind surprise


5 oz. Patience

3 oz. Self-care

2 oz. Humor

2 oz. Family Time

1 oz. Resilience

1 oz. Self Compassion

1 oz. Know When To Ask For Help

1 Cherry of Accomplishment

Start with your main ingredient – PATIENCE. Make sure to use ALL the patience. You’ll need it to get through the week.

Mix in the SELF-CARE. This gem will add just the right kick to help you learn to say no and set boundaries.

Gently pour in the HUMOR. This slightly sinister ingredient will help you through most circumstances using laughter and humility. Don’t take things too seriously.

FAMILY TIME is next. Maybe the most important ingredient on the list. A healthy dose to make your heart full.

Stir in the RESILIENCE. This ingredient suggests that we don’t sweat the small stuff and remain vigilant.

SELF-COMPASSION is next on the list. A swig of this lets you know that nobody’s perfect and you can only do what you can do. When I take a shooter of this it reminds me that “It’s Accounting – not Brain Surgery.” (A very wise former Total Solutions employee told me this. You know who you are).

And finally… Pour in the KNOW WHEN TO ASK FOR HELP. This ingredient reminds us that you are not alone and that it takes a village.

Once all the ingredients are in your shaker… mix, mix, mix! Mix it good! You never know how your work week will go. it’s a workweek SURPRISE, just like the flavors in this cocktail.

Pour into a tall glass and top that cocktail with the CHERRY OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. Knowing that you did your very best this week!!



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