Total Solutions PresidentAt Total Solutions, we align our community support around what matters to our employees and our clients. This allows our company and team to make contributions that we are passionate about and align with our core values. Around the holidays, our team selected five non-profit organizations that matter to them. Rather than sending a fruit basket or chocolates to each of our clients (which we all get plenty of), Total Solutions made a financial donation in the name of each of our clients to one of the non-profits of their choice. In the end, Total Solutions made $2,500 in donations to local non-profits. This is an example of how Total Solutions has re-looked at our community support strategy and ensured that our team and our clients are a key part of it.

Many years ago, I personally aligned my community support, both volunteer time and financial support, around causes that impact the lives of children. I attend events that raise funds to help children succeed, I volunteer my time to initiatives that benefit children to be their best selves and I serve on boards and committees that have missions that better the lives of children. As such, my husband and I made a commitment to go “Over The Edge” for Big Brothers Big Sisters on August 27th. Once we have raised at least $1,750, we will repel 11 stories down the side of the Hotel Blackhawk to support the amazing mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. To learn more scroll down to the bottom for more details on “Over the Edge”.

One of the ways we are raising funds for “Over the Edge” is by guest bartending at Crawford Brew Works on Tuesday, August 2nd. Visit us at Crawford from 5-7 pm to support us in our fundraising efforts! Can’t make it? Here is a link to our fundraising page.

I encourage you to look at your company’s giving policy and how it aligns with your company values, personal commitments, and core values. It is a great way to engage your team and customers while making a difference in our community.

Kristin Berry