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This month’s Client Spotlight is Wastyn & Associates. Wastyn & Associates is a member of our PEO. We were able to speak with the President of Wastyn & Associates – Linda Wastyn to learn more about the organization.

What services does Wastyn & Associates provide?

Wastyn & Associates provides services, primarily for nonprofits in two areas: (1) Fund Development including grant research and writing, fundraising planning and implementation, capital campaign consulting, and conducting feasibility studies; and (2) Organizational Development through strategic planning facilitation, and leadership and board development training.

What makes Wastyn & Associates different?

Wastyn & Associates’ services meet organizations where they are to help them identify their short-term and long-term needs, develop the plans to meet those needs, and secure the resources to make their ideas happen. Often an organization will ask us to help them in one area and see how our expertise can help them grow their work in many other areas.

We believe that each organization comes with a unique set of needs and strive to adapt our services to best meet those needs instead of bringing a “one size fits all” approach. This personalized, comprehensive approach differentiates us from others who may provide similar services.

What organizations and areas do you service?

Wastyn & Associates works with a variety of organizations across different sectors with a focus on nonprofits. Most come from the greater Quad Cities region, although we work with organizations from around the country. Some contract for a single service; others have worked with us for more than a decade.

What is the best/most rewarding part of working at Wastyn & Associates?

We find it most rewarding when the organizations with which we work grow, expand, and better serve their clients and the greater Quad Cities region. Whether that happens when we walk through a building that we helped them fund, watching a new program that came out of their strategic plan flourish or seeing the board really engage with each other to move the organization forward, we get to see our work improve the community in very tangible ways.

Why Total Solutions?

As our team grew, we saw a need to offer benefits to our employees to remain competitive. Total Solutions’ PEO model provided just what we needed: flexible benefits that we could afford. Because they manage all aspects of offering benefits – from enrollment to pricing to answering employee questions – we can focus our time on our clients and not worry that we remain in compliance with the ever-changing regulations around benefits administration. Total Solutions staff take care of all that for us!

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more at our website: www.wastynassoc.com, email Linda@WastynAssoc.com, or call 563-424-1396.