Our next client spotlight is Q2030, a driving force behind positive community change in the Quad Cities. We assist them with accounting and payroll, ensuring their efforts stay focused on their mission of fostering regional collaboration. We recently spoke with Executive Director Kate Jennings to learn more about the great work Q2030 does.

What is Q2030?

Q2030 is a regional catalyst for change to create a more cool, creative, connected, and prosperous community. Think of us as champions working collaboratively to facilitate alignment of resources, tell our regional story, and make big things happen.

We can break the work we do into three key actions. One: We bring people together to discuss focused topics that benefit regionality. Two: We showcase and amplify our success across all sectors doing the hard work of building a better community. Three: We infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion into the efforts – to build prosperity for all.

What makes Q2030 different?

There are many partners using regional collaboration to help the Quad Cities grow, but we are the only non-profit solely dedicated to the promotion and convening of regional collaboration.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

At Q2030 we really get a first-hand look at all of the people and organizations working to make the community more cool, creative, connected, and prosperous. It’s rewarding to see how many people truly believe in the Quad Cities and do their part to make it a great place to live.

Can you share a recent success story or achievement you are proud of? 

The Quad Cities is home to many talented and passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses are key to a thriving regional economy. As we work to make our community more welcoming and inclusive to all who call the Quad Cities home, we recently relaunched our Multicultural Business Directory and a blog series highlighting some of the businesses to help support local entrepreneurialism. We are excited to continue adding businesses to the directory. The directory can be found here.

What were the main challenges or pain points you faced before working with Total Solutions? 

As a small organization, we would be lost without Total Solutions’ help with payroll and accounting services. Being able to rely on Total Solutions for these activities helps us prioritize the actual work of Q2030 without having to worry about some of the administrative tasks. Working with Total Solutions allows us to offer multiple benefit options, something that might not be possible if we provided benefits alone.

Why Total Solutions? 

Total Solutions helped with the relaunch of Q2030 as a standalone nonprofit, helping to recruit the Executive Director and to help organize our administrative work, so we have been in an important partnership with them since day one. We have always enjoyed working with the great staff at Total Solutions and know that assistance is only a call or email away!

Where can we learn more? 

We recently relaunched a new website! q2030.org