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Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie isn’t your average bakery. Oh So Sweet provides its customers with the best, freshest homemade bakery items the Quad Cities has to offer. We are honored to help Oh So Sweet with their accounting and payroll. This month we had the opportunity to sit down with the owner, Tiphanie Cannon to learn more about the success of Oh So Sweet.

What does Oh So Sweet do?
Oh So Sweet is a from-scratch bakery that specializes in decorated sugar cookies, French macarons, and unique sandwiches. We also make a variety of cakes for every occasion ranging from smash cakes for first birthdays to wedding cakes to baby shower cakes and everything in between.

What makes Oh So Sweet different?
What sets us apart from other bakeries is that we make everything from scratch, beginning with our pie crust, homemade graham crackers, bread, cheesecakes, cakes, buttercreams, cookies, macarons, bacon jam, and everything in between.

Favorite Customer Story?
My favorite customer story has to do with our Raz-penjo sandwich, which is a sandwich made with roasted turkey, jalapeno aioli, greens, raspberry jam, and jalapeno kettle chips. A customer came in one day and read the menu on the board, looked at the Raz-penjo sandwich and said, “Chips on a sandwich… that’s like hillbilly lettuce.” And she’s not wrong! We went on to create another sandwich with chips on it and we named it the Hillbilly Club after her.

Why Total Solutions?
It’s difficult finding someone you can trust with your business finances. I was referred to Total Solutions by Pete Stopulos, a trusted business owner. The Total Solutions team are all extremely trustworthy and respond to my emails and texts right away.

Where can I learn more?
You can find us by downloading the Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie app, or by visiting our website. We also have a very active and fun Instagram and Facebook page too! We are located at 314 N Main Street in Davenport!

Cake with frosting flowers in pink, yellow, and pink Gloved hand holding a sandwich cut in half with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese Heart shaped cookies with a jam filling