morrison weighing

In this client spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Morrison Weighing Systems, a custom design/manufacturer of in-motion weighing systems and controls based in Milan, IL. We have had the privilege of partnering with Morrison Weighing, providing them with accounting, HR, and payroll solutions. Join us as we explore their journey, highlighting how our collaborative efforts have propelled their success.

Tell us about Morrison Weighing Systems.
We design conveyor scales, auto-labelers, and other custom equipment to automate food processing.

What makes Morrison Weighing Systems different?
We design all of our equipment in-house, from the mechanicals down to custom circuit boards and firmware. This helps us provide a really high level of service for our customers since we know the equipment in and out, and can tailor custom changes when they need it. Many of our employees have been with the company for the majority of their careers and have a really broad knowledge of the best ways to automate factory weighing processes.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Personally, I really like when we work with existing plants that are upgrading an older process. There are usually constraints left over from the old process which require some clever thinking around, whether it be in terms of space constraints or data flow. Working through the steps of seeing the initial process, drawing and planning, welding and wiring it into a real thing, then finally seeing it live in action is very gratifying.

What is a recent achievement you are proud of?
Recently we re-designed one of our auto-labeling systems to remove the need for pressured air. It has been cool to see that product really catch on and get to travel around the country installing them.

Where can we learn more?

What were the main challenges you faced before working with Total Solutions? 
We were facing a lot of growing pains as a business where accounting or HR tasks would take a really outsized amount of time because we didn’t have the right skill set or were stretched too thin elsewhere. And even if we had good advice on how to handle it, we just really needed people with those skills on site to see the actual information themselves.
Why Total Solutions? 
Total Solutions lets us focus on our strengths. Whenever we give work to Joe, Cindy, or one of the other Total Solutions folks we know they’ll do a good job and handle it right.