About Mid-American Glazing Systems

Mid American Glazing Systems (MAGS), a leading provider of glazing and glass services in the Midwest, specializes in both large-scale curtainwall and storefront contracts as well as retail glass sales. Recognizing the need for an online presence that accurately reflects the quality of their work, they sought to revamp their website with a modern design, improved SEO, and a robust showcase of their projects.

Project Scope

The project aimed to create a comprehensive web solution that included modern web design, engaging copywriting, user experience (UX) enhancement, and search engine optimization (SEO), along with the addition of Google Ads management.

Research and Planning Phase

Our approach began with in-depth discussions with Mid-American Glazing Systems to understand their business and website aspirations. The research included analyzing competitors, a walk-through at MAGS, and research of past projects they have completed. This phase was crucial in laying the groundwork for the website’s strategic direction.

Design and Development Process

The website was designed to be modern, user-friendly, and responsive, incorporating SEO best practices from the outset. We used WordPress as our development platform for its flexibility and ease of use. The design and development process was smooth, with no significant obstacles encountered, allowing us to maintain focus on quality and efficiency.

Website Features and User Experience

The new website features an engaging homepage, a dedicated safety page highlighting their commitment to workplace safety, a detailed production process page, and a comprehensive project portfolio. Each project has its own page with photos and detailed information, providing a rich user experience. We prioritized fast loading times, easy navigation, device compatibility, and a simplified contact process to enhance user engagement.

Testing and Refinements

The Total Solutions marketing team conducted thorough testing to ensure all website functions performed as intended. Feedback from this phase led to the addition of a sorting functionality in the portfolio section, making it easier for users to find specific projects.

Outcome and Feedback

MAGS was pleased with the final website, which required only minor adjustments to better align with their vision. The website has shown impressive results shortly after launch with a 200% increase in organic traffic. This positive trend is a promising indicator of the website’s success and the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.

Ongoing Support and Future Enhancements

Our commitment to Mid-American Glazing Systems continues with regular updates to the website, including the addition of new projects and any necessary adjustments. We also plan to further refine our SEO strategies to keep pace with changing trends and ensure the website’s continued success.

Closing Thoughts

This project with MAGS exemplifies out commitment to creating web solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Through careful planning, a collaborative approach, and continuous support, we have delivered a website that truly reflects the high quality of Mid-American Glazing’s services. This project serves as a testament to our dedication to our clients’ success and our expertise in delivering comprehensive web solutions. Ready to elevate your online presence? Contact Total Solutions today to begin crafting your website’s transformation.