Project and Client Background:

Curb Appeal is a landscaping and hardscaping company serving the Quad Cities area. They weren’t just looking for any old website; they wanted something truly unique. They recently acquired a garden and feed store alongside their lawn maintenance and outdoor living space design services. To modernize their online presence and boost customer interactions, they turned to the Total Solutions Marketing team for help.

Scope of Work:

Curb Appeal entrusted the Total Solutions Marketing team with the task of handling everything from website design to crafting compelling copy. The team was responsible for making their online presence shine.

Research and Planning:

Before getting started, the Total Solutions Marketing team conducted research to understand what other landscaping companies were doing. They also delved into keyword research to ensure Curb Appeal appeared in all the right online searches. Collaborating with the Curb Appeal team, the Total Solutions Marketing team gained insights into their vision and objectives.

Design and Development Process:

The first step involved was creating a site map to ensure that all of Curb Appeal’s services were represented on the new website. Next, the team got to work on designing a visually appealing and user-friendly website. They also incorporated strategically chosen keywords into the website’s content to improve its search engine visibility. Once the design and content were finalized by the Curb Appeal team, the website was launched.


The Total Solutions Marketing team made certain that the website was responsive and functioned seamlessly on various screen sizes and devices. They streamlined the contact form submission process to make it hassle-free for visitors and prominently showcased Curb Appeal’s impressive work through captivating images.


Thorough testing was conducted by the team to ensure the website’s functionality across different devices. After rigorous testing, the website was launched successfully, and all deployment procedures were executed flawlessly.


Following the launch of the website, notable results were achieved in the first month of launch:

  • The website received an impressive 3.7k thousand views
  • User engagement significantly increased, with a remarkable 96% rise in click-through rate (CTR).

Ongoing Support:

The Total Solutions Marketing team’s commitment to Curb Appeal doesn’t end at launch. The team continues to work closely with Curb Appeal to make ongoing updates that improve performance and add new features to the website, ensuring it stays fresh and active. Additionally, the team tracks monthly analytics, keeping the client informed about the results. Any necessary changes are made to enhance the website’s performance based on these insights.


The Total Solutions Marketing team gained valuable insights throughout the project. Ultimately, the team helped Curb Appeal achieve a fresh, user-friendly website that effectively showcases their expertise. It’s been a success story and the Total Solutions team was delighted to have played a part in it. Click here to see Curb Appeal’s new website!

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