About Better Health Foundation
Better Health Foundation, initially known as Genesis Philanthropy Foundation, was part of Genesis Health System since 2013. Transitioning to a private foundation in conjunction with the merger of Genesis Health System with MercyOne and Trinity Health System, they are dedicated to serving a nine-county region in Iowa and Illinois. The foundation’s mission is to extend the lives of community members by providing grant funding to non-profit organizations focused on health improvement.

As the foundation transitioned to a private entity, they needed a robust solution to handle HR, payroll, and other administrative services that were previously managed by Genesis Health System. They required a partner who could understand their unique needs as a non-profit and provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth continuation of their operations.

Missy Gowey, CEO of Better Health Foundation, chose Total Solutions due to their strong reputation in the non-profit sector and their capability to offer a wide range of services. Total Solutions stepped in to provide the necessary HR and payroll services, facilitating a seamless transition to a new operational structure.

The collaboration began with detailed planning sessions to ascertain the foundation’s specific needs. Total Solutions implemented a tailored PEO solution that included HR management and payroll services, which were crucial for the foundation’s day-to-day operations. The transition was completed within 90 days, allowing the foundation to promptly move to their new office in Davenport and start anew.

The partnership between Better Health Foundation and Total Solutions proved immensely successful. The foundation experienced a smooth transition with no disruptions to their mission-driven activities. They were able to focus on their core objectives, such as reducing obesity and diabetes risks, improving maternal and child health, and supporting mental and behavioral health initiatives through their grant programs.

Missy Gowey expressed high satisfaction with the partnership, noting, “I just can’t imagine a better partnership. I would highly recommend Total Solutions to any business or nonprofit organization that is venturing out on its own and wants those comprehensive support services.”

Total Solutions demonstrated their expertise in handling the specific needs of non-profit organizations, ensuring that Better Health Foundation could seamlessly transition into their new phase of operations while maintaining their commitment to community health improvement. This case study highlights the strategic benefits of leveraging professional employer organizations for administrative support, especially for organizations undergoing significant transitions.