At Total Solutions, we pride ourselves on empowering organizations to achieve their full potential. Our collaboration with the Better Health Foundation is a testament to this commitment. Missy Gowey, CEO of the Better Health Foundation, shares her experience of how Total Solutions played a pivotal role in their transformative journey.

In 2013, the Better Health Foundation embarked on a mission to improve health outcomes in a nine-county region across Iowa and Illinois. Originally part of the Genesis Health System, the organization sought to make a significant impact by providing grant funding to nonprofits dedicated to promoting longer, healthier lives.

The pivotal moment came when Genesis Health System merged with Mercy One, prompting the Better Health Foundation to evolve into a private entity. This transition was a significant step, and the foundation needed a reliable partner to navigate the complexities of operating independently.

Total Solutions emerged as the ideal partner. CEO Missy Gowey reached out to us, having heard positive feedback about our PEO and comprehensive services and our success in assisting other community nonprofits.

Our collaboration began seamlessly. Total Solutions provides the foundation with essential services, including employee benefits, HR, and payroll, which were crucial for their smooth transition into an independent entity. We ensured that their specific needs were met with precision and professionalism.

The foundation relocated to a new office in Davenport, equipped with everything needed to start afresh. This move marked a new chapter for the Better Health Foundation, one filled with opportunities and growth.

Reflecting on the journey, Missy Gowey expresses immense satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “I just can’t imagine a better partnership.” Total Solutions is proud to support the Better Health Foundation in its mission and looks forward to continuing this collaboration.

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