outsourcing accounting services benefits

My name is Jaime Corsiglia and I’ve worked for Total Solutions since February of last year (2022). I’m a Staff Accountant and I thoroughly enjoy my team and working with all my clients! After more than twenty years in corporate finance and accounting, it’s been very rewarding working directly with small business owners and non-profit organizations who are outsourcing accounting services. It has been so interesting getting to learn all facets of their businesses, as opposed to the narrower scope I was used to in prior roles.

As a small business owner, you wear all the hats. You’re a CEO, a finance director, a marketer, a hiring manager, and more. But at some point, all of this gets to be too overwhelming. That’s when you may start considering outsourcing some business functions. So let’s walk through some of the benefits of outsourcing your accounting services.

Access to Accounting Experts

When you outsource accounting services you get a full team – not just an individual. Which means you get a variety of skill sets and experiences. A team can work together on complex issues and help if needed when someone is sick or on vacation. This allows for your financials to be viewed by new sets of eyes, who may be able to notice trends or errors that can be easy to overlook. By outsourcing you can be sure that everyone taking care of your accounting is both reliable and knowledgeable.

Cost Savings

Hiring can be costly. It’s not just the salary that you have to worry about, there are taxes, office supplies, and benefits that you must pay for. However, when you outsource you are only paying for the service, and how often you need it. Outsourced accountants will only work the hours that are needed to get the job done, instead of the standard 40-hour work week.


As your business grows so may your need for accounting. Outsourced accountants can grow with your business quickly, as they are already familiar with your business. You also won’t have to go through the process of hiring. There can also be busier times of the year when you will need more support and slower times when you are able to cut back on the time you need. This is a simpler process with outsourced accounting services, rather than hiring in-house where you will have to worry about having too many employees or layoffs.

Save Time

Business owners are busy, there are so many aspects of your business that you are focused on. By outsourcing your accounting, you can free up time, so you don’t have to manage employees and work on the numbers. Outsourced accountants are experts in the field and do not require as much oversight.

Looking to outsource your accounting? The Total Solutions Accounting Team would be happy to help!