Retaining talent has become a difficult task in the competitive job market. Finding a strong replacement with the necessary skillset and values that fit your culture can be daunting as well. To overcome the hiring challenges in today’s workplace, organizations need to reset and begin actively recruiting people with the knowledge, ability, and personality that will create growth. 

According to CareerBuilder, 75% of people aren’t looking for a job but would consider an offer if one was extended. This stat opens the door for your organization not just to fill and an open position, but to find people who can move your business forward. 

To begin your recruitment process, you first need to establish your objectives.

  • Do you have any open positions that need immediately filled? What roles do you see your company creating in the future?
  • What skills would be a great addition to your team?
  • Are there specific interests an ideal employee would have to be a great fit at your organization?
  • What are the expectations for new hires?

When your leadership, management, and HR team are all on the same page, you can develop a clear recruitment strategy. Your plan should consider the resources, like search time and advertising budget, available to fill positions and attract talented candidates. Establishing the priorities will keep everyone on your team moving in the right direction.

When actively recruiting, it is essential to include content that promotes what makes your company a great place to work in your overall marketing plans. Ongoing messaging about your company values and culture will attract ideal candidates even when you don’t have current roles to fill. 

When you have a position open, you need to be visible to the candidates you are recruiting with authentic and accurate descriptions. Make sure that when your ideal candidate goes online, there are ads for your company in the spaces they visit. Are you recruiting a Gen Z marketing coordinator? Try Instagram ads. Are you searching for a CFO with experience in retail? LinkedIn might be the best way to advertise.

Ready to write your job descriptions? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Communicate with a purpose and avoid complicated or vague job descriptions. 
  • Keep only the relevant information to the open position and create an accurate description of the work environment. 
  • Don’t rely solely on pumping up the benefits of your workplace, especially if most employers offer similar perks.
  • Explain the value of working for your organization. Strategies for growth, performance goals, and training available to employees will help interested candidates determine how they might be an asset to your organization. 

The final piece to the active recruitment puzzle is to step outside the digital strategies and get to know potential candidates. Encourage your employees to join professional networking groups, volunteer with nonprofits and participate in community events, and get to know people who could become potentially great team members! The next person you meet might just become the best candidate for a new role later this year. 

Need help revising your recruitment process? Our HR experts are always here to help.

Submitted by Alex McLeran, HR Generalist