Q2030 Regional action plan

The Quad Cities’ Q2030 Regional Action Plan is a transformational community and economic development initiative designed to make our bi-state area a cooler, more creative, connected and prosperous place by the year 2030.


In 2015, over 4,000 Quad Citizens provided feedback for a strategic process that became Q2030, a regional vision and action plan that brought together business, government, non-profit, academic sectors, and the trades for the shared purpose of moving the region forward economically and improving quality of life. The plan embraced the collective spirit of the Quad Cities region and the unique characteristics and strengths that make it a dynamic place with rich resources and high potential.

Strategic efforts were focused on four priority themes for action:
● Cool Places: Create strong, attractive, and functional places in which Quad Citizens live
● Creative People: Provide young people and workers with the skills and competencies to contribute to the economy and the community
● Connected Region: Come together to help one another in new ways to improve efficiencies, attitudes, and perceptions
● Prosperous Economy: Use the region’s strengths to retain, attract, and create business and jobs

Q2030 has been reinvigorated through a 2020 mid-course review process that will relaunch the initiative as a community-wide collective enterprise for change. Q2030’s purpose is to energize regional collaboration that generates transformational change for the benefit of all.

Q2030 is being incorporated as a 501(c)3 entity with independent governance to ensure it most effectively serves its role as a convener, advocate, connector, and strategic accelerator in the bi-state Quad Cities region. Four key regional partners have agreed to serve as Q2030 Champions across the four strategic focus areas to engage their staff and networks in the advancement of Q2030’s regional vision and goals. These initial champion organizations are the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, United Way of the Quad Cities, Quad Cities Community Foundation, and Visit Quad Cities.

Q2030 is seeking an Executive Director to lead this effort.

The Executive Director’s primary purpose is to translate the Q2030 vision into actionable, measurable impact to drive outcomes. The successful person in this role will be relational at their core, an exceptional communicator, and have the political know-how to listen and navigate the complexities of our bi-state region.

The Executive Director reports to a 13-member Board of Directors. This executive manages one full-time staff person.

Other important interactions include executives and employees of the four champion organizations, municipal and county elected and appointed officials along with state and federal elected officials and their staffs, representatives of other public, non-profit, and private sector partnership organizations, education officials, and the media.

The Executive Director guides the implementation of the regional vision and action plan. Working with community and business leaders and stakeholders, the Executive Director’s major duties include:

Planning & Organizing

  • Work with the Q2030 Board and volunteers to prioritize the regional agenda and bring community partners together to accomplish goals.
  • Provide support to champion organizations in aligning their work to the Q2030 agenda.
  • Collaborate with, and make connections between, other community organizations, such as educational institutions or social service agencies, to further implementation of the vision.

Communication & Marketing

  • Communicate the objectives of Q2030 to the broader community and potential partners to reenergize the initiative and create broad buy-in.
  • Oversee development of marketing and communication materials, including community impact
  • Serve as the public face of the initiative, providing presentations and acting as a liaison to community organizations.
  • Work with media and champion organization’s communications teams to amplify accomplishments and
  • Manage communications, including press releases, newsletters, websites, and social

Strategic Thinking & Leadership

  • Oversee daily operations and establish and maintain appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management.
  • Create or manage the creation of Q2030 progress reports for the Board of Directors and external
  • Manage quarterly leadership meetings, communications, and
  • Identifies strategic opportunities to uplift Q2030

Facilitating & Convening

  • Be a skilled project manager to keep the parties involved in the Q2030 agenda moving forward toward demonstrable results.
  • Build Q2030’s identity as a respected, neutral convener among a broad spectrum of local private/public

Relationship Management

  • Build relationships with champion organizations’ executive leadership, boards of directors, and staff
  • Champion relationship-building between and among other community organizations to foster collaboration, action, and results

Inclusive Leader

  • Cultivate a diverse, inclusive regional vision by challenging biases, exhibiting open-mindedness, and actively committing to a welcoming community where all can thrive
  • Serve as a role model for Quad Citizen behaviors by listening to and collaborating with stakeholders in all sectors, especially those who are underrepresented

Political Aptitude

  • Develop relationships with public sector entities
  • Drive collaboration among the public and private sector to meet Q2030 objectives

Complete other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Bachelor’s degree in business administration, communications/public relations, city planning, economic & community development, or political science preferred.

Proven experience leading regional or state-wide community initiatives. A natural convener with demonstrated success mobilizing people to accomplish broad-based goals. Community organizer experience a plus.

Q2030 is an equal opportunity employer. It is Q2030’s policy to assure employment and promotional opportunities are available to qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, genetic information or any other legally protected characteristic.