What’s up! I’m Joe Pement, one of the accountants here at Total Solutions and this week’s guest blogger.

We’re moving on into the middle of the year and there’re now just under 7 months until year-end with all the tax terrors therein; it’s a good time to make sure all your W-9s are sorted out before the 2-minute warning. If you’ve paid out more than $600 this year to an individual or business, and you don’t have their W-9 on file, let not the sun flee your sight before your request is made! It’s much easier to deal with missed calls and disconnected numbers when the shadow of the January 31st deadline isn’t drawing nigh.

Gloom and doom aside, some amazing things are coming up for one of my favorite clients: The Rust Belt in East Moline. My childhood dream of being a rockstar and my love of music are perfectly appeased by being able to help facilitate some awesome shows! Two of my favorite bands, As I Lay Dying (July 5th, 2022) and Three Days Grace (July 19th, 2022) are coming to The Rust Belt this month and it is going to be a fantastic time!

Speaking of music, the boss didn’t say I couldn’t plug my own bands on this guest blog, so you can find me playing bass and singing with my 70s – 00’s rock bands: Kontra-Band and Hexagram! Upcoming dates are:

July 30th Kontra-Band @ Hawkeye Sports Bar – Davenport, IA

August 12th Hexagram @ The Hawkeye Sports Bar – Davenport, IA

August 20th Kontra-Band @ Racers Edge – East Moline, IL

September 24th Hexagram @ Racers Edge – East Moline, IL