From the day Sandstrom opened for business as a privately held paint manufacturer, they have always tried to put the customer first. It was true in 1946 and it’s just as true today. Sandstrom never loses sight of what got them to where they are today: a commitment to solving actual customer challenges and exceeding its expectations. This month our Client Spotlight is Sandstrom, continue reading to learn more about how Sandstrom continues to exceed its customer’s expectations.


What services do you have with Total Solutions?

Sandstrom engages Total Solutions for Accounts Payable and Human Resources services.

What does Sandstrom do?

Sandstrom is a 75-year-old coating design and manufacturing company.

What sets Sandstrom apart?

Sandstrom Coating Technologies’ MILITARY SPECIFIED & AEROSPACE Qualified Product Listed dry film lubricants have been used on commercial and military aerospace applications for over 50 years. Sandstrom coatings have proven their market versatility and performance reliability in manned and unmanned aviation and spaceflight applications. Sandstrom’s Solutions Center has worked with all major aircraft manufacturers, tier 1 and 2 suppliers, NASA, and commercial spaceflight companies providing solutions to lubrication and corrosion challenges in hundreds of mission profiles. Delivered in both waterborne and solvent-borne technologies, Sandstrom offers dry film lubricants, high temperature and chemical/fluid resistant coatings, and exterior coatings with exceptional UV resistance.

Why Total Solutions?

We were losing an employee that covered our Human Resources and AP duties. A suitable replacement could not be found then Total Solutions was referred to us by another manufacturer, so we hired them. They immediately brought in a team that learned our processes and picked up the workload.

Total Solutions offers the expert support we need to function in critical business areas.

Where can we learn more?

Check out our website


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