employee handbooks for small businesses

Hello, my name is Shelly and I am an HR Generalist at Total Solutions. I joined the team in March 2020 and have enjoyed expanding my HR knowledge! One thing the HR team gets asked is “Do I really need to have employee handbooks?” When asked to write a blog, I decided to take some time to answer the question we often hear.

What are employee handbooks?

An employee handbook is a valuable communication piece for your organization. Handbooks provide guidance and information about your organization’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures, benefits, and more. It should lay out your legal obligations as an employer and your employees’ rights. You will also need written acknowledgment of having received the handbook from all employees. This acknowledgment should be saved as a way for your organization to establish that your employees were made aware of the policies.

While they are not legally required, employee handbooks serve as an important protection against potentially costly legal disputes as well as providing a valuable resource to your employees. Employee handbooks can also be a way of improving the employee onboarding process. This is your new employees’ first impression of your company, the handbook helps new hires become comfortable with the company culture, mission, policies, and more.

A lack of an employee handbook is an irresponsible business practice. If you do not provide your employees with clear-cut employment policies, you are opening your business up to the risk of costly legal disputes. 1 in every 8 mid to small-sized businesses is hit with employment claims that can result in thousands of dollars in fees. Your employee handbook is the first line of defense against these claims.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of writing or updating your employee handbook? The Total Solutions Human Resources team can help! We can create a new employee handbook for your business or edit your existing one. We will ensure everyone is on the same page and complying with state and federal regulations. Reach out to me with any questions, I’d be happy to help!

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